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  1. Makeover
  2. Are Travelodge doing makeovers at all their hotels?
  3. Can I transfer my booking to another Travelodge hotel during the makeover?
  4. If I have booked a specific type of room, e.g, accessible rooms, am I guaranteed to get that type of room during the hotel makeover?
  5. What is happening in the hotels during the makeover?
  6. What times of day will the work be taking place during the makeover?
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  1. Cancellation
  2. Can I cancel a booking?
  3. Can I cancel a Flexible Rate booking?
  4. Can I cancel a Saver or Sale Rate booking?
  5. Can I cancel a single day from my stay?
  6. Can I cancel my room cancellation policy when I have taken out cover?
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  1. Making a booking
  2. Adding Extras when you Book
  3. Can I book a family room at a saver rate?
  4. Can I book a room at 1am to stay that night?
  5. Can I book in someone else's name?
  6. Can I book on behalf of someone else?
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  1. Amending a booking
  2. Adding Extras to an Existing Booking
  3. Amending a Flexible Rate booking
  4. Can I add another room to a booking?
  5. Can I amend a Sale Rate booking?
  6. Can I amend a Saver Rate booking?
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  1. View a booking
  2. How can I view my bookings?
  3. How do I get printed confirmation of my booking?
  4. How do I log in to see my booking?
  5. I have lost my booking reference for my stay tonight
  6. Where have I stayed before?
  1. Payment
  2. Can I add many visits to the same hotel into the basket and only pay the credit card fee once?
  3. Can I book on the day and pay cash?
  4. Can I edit my credit or debit card details once saved?
  5. Can I purchase an eVoucher?
  6. Can I use my saved card to pay for booking modifications/amendments
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  1. My Travelodge
  2. Can I have my details removed from MyTravelodge?
  3. Do I need to be registered for MyTravelodge in order to make a booking?
  4. How can I register for MyTravelodge?
  5. How can I sign up to receive emails from Travelodge?
  6. How do I log in to MyTravelodge?
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  1. Hotels
  2. Do you have any hotels in Ireland?
  3. What hotels do you have in Spain?
  1. Hotel details
  2. Aberdeen Airport Travelodge
  3. Aberdeen Bucksburn Travelodge
  4. Aberdeen Central Justice Mill Lane Travelodge
  5. Aberdeen Central Travelodge
  6. Aldershot Travelodge
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  1. Hotel info
  2. Do Travelodge hotels have lifts?
  3. Do your airport hotels have shuttles to the airport?
  4. Does my hotel have a restaurant nearby?
  5. How can I find my hotel's contact details?
  6. How do I know if the hotel I've booked has a lift?
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  1. BAC
  2. A booking that I made and was expecting to see on my Business Account Card Invoice is not there. Where is it and can you send me a new Invoice including this?
  3. Can I use my Business Account Card in hotels now?
  4. I can see a cancellation number on my Business Account Card invoice, but not my refund, why?
  5. I didn’t get an email confirmation or VAT receipt when I made my booking, is this due to the recent change with my monthly Business Account Card Invoice
  6. I have been able to purchase food in the Bar Café in the past using my Business Account Card, why can I not purchase this any longer?
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  1. Breakfast
  2. Can I book and pay for breakfasts as part of a group booking?
  3. Can I book breakfast?
  4. Can I buy breakfast at the hotel as well?
  5. Can I see a Bar Cafè menu?
  6. Do I have to buy breakfast for every day of my stay?
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  1. Business
  2. Can I pay my business account by any method other than Direct Debit?
  3. Can you give me details about rooms for training?
  4. Does my business account balance roll over?
  5. How can I tell how much is due on my business account?
  6. How do I check my business account balance?
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  1. Contact details
  2. How do I contact your Customer Services department
  3. How do I telephone Travelodge?
  4. I want to make a complaint
  5. Where can I email Travelodge?
  6. Where can I write to Travelodge
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  1. Corporate
  2. Am I able to see the Travelodge Report and Accounts?
  3. Do you acquire existing hotels?
  4. Do you buy freeholds at all?
  5. Do you ever convert offices into Travelodges?
  6. Do you ever take 35 year leases?
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  1. Deals
  2. Can I book any room using my discount code?
  3. Can I see your latest deals?
  4. Can I use a discount code against a Saver Rate room?
  5. Can I use a discount code against anything else that I purchase from Travelodge?
  6. Do you offer senior citizen's discount?
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  1. Directions
  2. How are the distances between hotels calculated?
  3. How can I explore the UK?
  4. How can I find directions to my hotel?
  5. How can I plan a route from my location to a Travelodge hotel?
  6. How do I use Google maps on the Travelodge website?
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  1. Facilities
  2. Are hairdryers provided?
  3. Are irons provided?
  4. Are there fridges in rooms?
  5. Are there kitchen facilities in the room?
  6. Are there laundry rooms in the hotels?
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  1. Group bookings
  2. Can I bring groups of children to stay?
  3. Do you accept hen parties?
  4. How can I book for 40 guests?
  5. How do I get a VAT invoice for my group booking?
  6. If bulk rooms are booked for a party are there any discounts?
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  1. Mobile
  2. Do I show mobile confirmation on arrival?
  1. Navigation
  2. Where is your Find our Lowest Prices page?
  1. News
  2. Can I sign up for alerts on deals and promotions?
  3. Where can I find out the latest news?
  1. Policies
  2. Are assistance dogs welcome?
  3. Are saver room bookings covered by Travelodge insurance?
  4. Can children under the age of 18 book?
  5. Can I buy gift vouchers?
  6. Can I have 3 children under 5 in my room?
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  1. Rooms and rates
  2. Are Saver / Sale rooms available at all hotels?
  3. Are there supplements for a single room?
  4. Are your prices per room or per person?
  5. Can I book a Saver / Sale room and a Flexible rate room at the same hotel?
  6. Can I book a Saver / Sale room by phone?
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  1. Search
  2. Can I save my search?
  3. Do you have a complete list of all your locations across the country?
  4. How can I check availability?
  5. How can I find out more information about the hotel I want to stay at?
  6. How can I search for saver rooms?
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  1. VAT
  2. Do your room rates include VAT?
  3. How can I get a VAT invoice?
  4. How do I receive a VAT invoice for my room booking?
  5. How is my VAT calculated?
  6. How much VAT will I be charged?
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